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Never Fear, Believe and Keep Moving Forward

Posted by Stone Art Traders on 21 July, 2009 at 22:47

You won't allow the current economic meltdown to paralyze you if you will remember the acronym for fear:

  • F=False
  • E=Evidence
  • A=Appearing
  • R=Real

I want to offer you a perspective check: If the meltdown had not occurred, would you be looking for alternatives right now or would you be chugging and plugging away on the same course you've been on all your life?  Is/was that course what you dreamed it would be? Your destiny lies in the choices you make, the knowledge and experience you've gained, and the chances (risks) you take to put them into action. You know the saying goes "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always have what you've always had".  At different points in our lives many of us stop taking chances; when the perceived cost of failure becomes greater than the expectation and opportunity for gain.  That is often the point where we begin to compromise and to justify our internal dissatisfaction for the greater good of our (pick one):

  • loved ones
  • family
  • business
  • community
  • religion, etc.

Without a catalyst to wake us from the stupor of our complacency, well, we would probably still be doing the same old thing(s) because our inherent nature is to take the easy way out.  So my point is this: allow yourself a paradigm shift and embrace this period in your life as an opportunity for a new beginning.

Everyone who is truly successful knows that good things come to those who prepare for them, recognize them, and act on them at the right time.  And, while circumstances tend to color our thinking, the truth is that we not only have the ability to rise above our circumstances, we have an inherent duty to do so and to take others with us.  History is full of heroes and heroines who, despite the often incomprehensible odds against them, rose above their circumstances to heights even they never dreamed possible.  They didn't live their lives and make their choices with the goal of being famous, they were just people like you and me, who had dreams and enough desire and determination to see them through.  They had needs to fulfill, and they found a way.  So can you and I.


There are many of us who believe that we are exactly where we are supposed to be right now, even if, and especially if you were one of the thousands affected by the mass employment layoffs in 2008 and 2009. The time you have at your disposal right now may never come again.  Are you making the most of the time and resources at your disposal? Here's a test to help you find out:

  • Do you have more than one source of income?
  • Could you live comfortably without your major source of income?
  • Does your income source provide personal fulfillment?
  • Do you have enough free time to spend doing the things you love most?

If you were not able to answer positively to all questions, then there is definitely a need for improvement in your life.  Now for some harder questions for you to determine if there is room in your life for the improvements to manifest:

  • Do you have 1-4 hours a week to invest in learning a way to become financially independent?
  • Are you willing to follow the instructions of an online coach?
  • Are you willing to give up a little time and effort now in exchange for a lot of personal freedom and extra money later?
  • Would you give up the cost of two nice dinners on the town now, for the opportunity to never have to worry about your finances again?

If you answered affirmatively on the second set of questions then why not take a potentially life changing positive step forward and invest 10 minutes to listen to the coaching opportunity offered by respected financial advisor and Christian Internet Business Coach James L. Paris?  He's practical, he's frugal, and he's practicing daily (and making a nice living) what he will teach you to do.  I took him up on his offer in March of this year and can promise you that the training alone is worth many times over the unbelievably small cost.

There is no obligation, and nothing to lose, watch the free video and decide for yourself!

Christians Make Money Online
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P.S.  This program is not a religious based or oriented training program. You don't need to be a Christian to participate or to benefit from the practical business and internet training information taught here.

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