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Enrich Your Own Life - Part 4 (Finale)

Posted by Stone Art Traders on 7 February, 2010 at 0:12

You made it back for the finale!  The suspense has been building as we were making our tortuous way through the necessary steps of discovery.  Life is like that though isn't it?  However long and hard we toil, we never really make it to the end do we?  No matter how long we live, or how much we learn, there is always more to know and to do.  Just remember at the heights of your frustration, how boring life would be if we already knew it all!

Have you ever considered how different we are from any other known life form on the planet?  How is it that every other life form on the planet is able to go from birth to adolescence to adulthood with little to no parental guidance?  What other life form has to be taught how to eat or walk?  Since they can't talk, we don't know if animals ever question their existence, but my guess would be they don't.  Animals are instinctive, humans mostly aren't.  We have to learn everything from scratch. 

Have you ever thought about our physiology? We're like machines in that we need an energy/fuel source to maintain us.  Instead of gasoline, electricity, or batteries, we need food and water to keep our physical processes running.  But, while the maintenance of our physical processes is critical to maintain life, adequate food and water are only the very basest of our needs as human beings.  Humans have three distinct levels of existence: physical (body), mental (mind/soul), and spiritual (spirit), all in the same individual.  Our evolution as individuals also progresses in that same manner: body, mind, spirit. Once our bodies have received the proper nutrients and development, we focus on the development and expansion of our minds.  After our minds have been developed, we naturally seek the growth and fulfillment of our spirits. 

You don't have to be religious or even know what religion is to seek the growth and fulfillment of your spirit.  Everyone does it.  It is the only inherently instinctual thing that humans do.  How do we do it?  Why do we do it?  Let's start with the how we do it question.  For some, it takes the form of consumption.  Consumption in ever increasing amounts of whatever we believe holds the answer or means of filling the gap. For others it takes the form of depletion in systematically shedding the people and things we believe may be holding us back or preventing our ability to connect to the ever elusive "answer" to our spiritual fulfillment.  Take for instance an excessive drinking, drug, sex, or work habit on the consumption side.  Or, for example, an excessive or compulsive rejection of social interaction, material possessions, and exposure to certain world influences on the depletion side.  Most of us have been somewhere on either side of the extremes in our search at one point in our lives. 

Now let's look into the why we do it question. This is the most important question because the question itself holds the answer to the dilemma.  The fulfillment we seek is an attempt to fill the emptiness that many of us experience and is described in many different ways, by all different types of people.  For some it's a search for a purpose, for some it's a search for meaning, for others it's a search for fulfillment.   It's easy to understand how a destitute individual with barely enough to survive could experience lack.  However, how do you explain the experience of lack by individuals who by the world's standards have more than enough for themselves and for small countries combined?   What is lacking in us all at birth is our direct connection to the spirit of our Creator.  During our initial growth process we are so distracted by all the new things we experience and must learn in the first two dimensions (body and mind) of our being, we don't notice, have time for, or recognize and understand the third (spirit) dimension.  It's only after we have attained adequacy on the first two levels that we begin to experience the lack in the third.  As triune beings, we can never experience completeness and fulfillment as long as one of the three parts is not functional.  To understand this allegory, it helps to understand the Creation story.

Consider that we are triune beings, made in the image of our Creator and that the only part of us that is eternal is our spirit.  Our spirit knows its origin, but in the process of our birth into the physical world, our connection to the eternal is contractually veiled.  Hebrew and Christian theology describes the separation from our Creator as a consequence of mankind's original sin of pride and rebellion.  That one fateful choice started what I like to call the "divine tragedy" of our (human) existence on the earth.  I see it like an immortal game of chess between opposing forces for the highest stakes of all time.  Us, we are the prize that the divine powers war to win.  So, the influences that we constantly battle against and must discern are not only in our minds and senses, but are also spiritual, powerful, and real.

Our reconnection to God, our Creator, is the only thing that can complete us as human beings.  There is nothing created that is adequate to fill an eternal space.  The gateway to reconnection is simple and instant, but it’s marketed by the deceiver as weakness, ignorance and ridiculous.  Here is the answer: It's to choose and do the opposite of what caused the separation in the first place.  Pride, rebellion and disobedience against God, our Creator, is what separated us.  Surrender, humility and obedience is what reconnects us.  God in His love for us provided the example and the only doorway home when He came here Himself in human flesh and became the blood sacrifice to redeem His creation, all mankind, once and for all time, in Jesus Christ.

He seeks our redemption, reinstatement, and reconnection to His divinity; His enemy seeks our continued deception and ultimate destruction.  Throughout the history of mankind's existence, the battle of good and evil has been playing out its epic saga, with the powers and principalities invisibly maneuvering and influencing the destiny and outcomes of what many believe is the sole manifestation of our own efforts.  However, even those who believe in their own power experience the emptiness and void in their spirit, but cannot or will not recognize its origin.  In the timeline of eternity the final confrontation is not long to come, when no holds will be barred in heaven and on earth, and the opposing forces will fully and openly engage.  The good news is that everyone will finally know the supernatural powers do exist.  The bad news is that it will be too late to choose sides.

Your choice is simple and will change your life forever.  Once you receive the offer of His redemption your life will be enriched beyond your understanding.  The veil will be torn away and your spirit will reconnect to the One who created you and loved you enough to die for your redemption.  You will no longer need to walk in darkness or confusion and if you let Him, He will make all your pathways straight.  If you ask Him, He will come and make His home in your heart today.


It’s your move now.  Reclaim your birthright.  Receive the King of Glory, and be crowned with Jesus Christ!




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