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Six Degrees of Separation to

Posted by stonearttraders on 17 April, 2009 at 0:03

1st Degree:  Today, a fellow Twitterer (Joel Comm) turned me on to

2nd Degree: a Twitter friend of his (Sarah Moffett ) via a tweet recommendation,

3rd Degree: who when I went to her Twitter page, turned me on to (Edward Harran), 

4th Degree: who had sent her a RT (retweet) from someone (?)  

5th Degree: who shared a link to the URL:

6th Degree: and now we are sharing it with you.   

Unless you actually go to the website, read the purpose, how it got started, and its objective, you will not be able to realize how terribly relevant, insightful, and timely its appearance and revelation to us right now.  The central theme is (paraphrased with my own spin) the connectedness of the spirit of man and the universal call of the Creator to submit to the still small voice inside us all that calls us to pour ourselves out for the sake of not just our brothers and sisters, but seeming share and to love. 

Vann Arthur-Bertrand puts it this way: "Living together...We're living through an incredible time.  Everything's moving at a crazy speed.  I'm sixty years of age, and when I think of the way my parents lived I can hardly believe it.  Nowadays we're surrounded by amazing communication tools, you can see everything, know everything, and the sheer bulk of information out there has never been so huge.  This is, believe me, positive.  But what's ironic is that in reality we know so little about our actual neighbors.  Nowadays the only way we can go forward is to move towards our fellow man.  Understand them.  Because in all the strife we've got coming to us, whether it's because of poverty or climate change, we can't do anything alone.  The time when all you had to do was think of yourself is past and gone.  From here on in you could say that we have a duty to take care of each other, to help each other.  And the only way we can do that is to share life, talk to each other, stop being scared.  There are over six billion of us on this earth and there is no chance of any kind of sustainable development if we can't manage to live together."

Perhaps not verbalized in the project or purpose, are the questions:

When is enough, enough?

What is the purpose of all our strivings?

When you have reached your objective of success, then what?

Please go to the website and come back and weigh in on the subject!

Categories: Awakenings