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Generation F and the 3 Email Challenge

Posted by Stone Art Traders on 27 April, 2009 at 12:14

Well, for us baby boomers who are earnestly attempting the transition to the virtual world of the "Web", (now Web 2.0), it always helps to inject the effort with humor, lot's of humor!  It's such a new world for a many of us, complete with it's own vocabulary and acronym's.  Rather than being scared to the point of paralysis, I've found it's best to jump in with both feet and just soak up as much as you can with each exposure.  You'll be amazed at what you actually learn (and remember) just from reading the many helpful free articles posted on the web by the "experts" with generous hearts and a desire to share.  Keep plugging away, a little every day.  When you reach the point of overload (and you will!), instead of beating the laptop to death, read this 3 Email Challenge by Abhijit Bhaduri from Tickled By Life.

Categories: Web Humor