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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life - Understanding Anchored Thinking

Posted by Stone Art Traders on 27 April, 2009 at 12:59

Have you ever stopped to consider how much of your outlook on life is colored or shaped by what someone other than yourself believed it should look like?  As children, our knowledge base is fed by our environment: family, friends, teachers, religious affiliation, media (television, magazines, books, internet).  As young adults, many of the same influences continue to shape us and begin to solidify the "box" of our existence that frames our reality.  As adults once we enter the world of commerce, which to most of us begins with the first "job", the pressure to conform increases significantly.  By this time we have either developed deeply ingrained ideals, beliefs, motives, fears, etc.; we are completely confused, or somewhere between the two polar extremes.  It usually takes a dramatic, or traumatic life experience to shake us up and out of our complacency long enough to begin questioning the basis and validity of our "conditioning".   We think what we think, do what we do, and reap the results of the choices we make based on how we've framed our world.  As children we had little control over the "food" we had for thought.  As adults, we have total control.  To change our world, we simply have to change the way we think.  Understanding why we think the way we do, is a great place to start.  Here is a great article by KR Ravi, a certified public trainer in Lateral Thinking, and contributor to the Tickled by Life website.  Get started by reading Understanding Anchored Thinking .

Categories: Awakenings